“Summer With the Stars” Letter Writing Kit for Kids



Product Description

Help keep your children learning this summer in a fun and exciting  way!

Practice is important for keeping in shape, for everyone from sports stars to actors and musicians. Just like them, kids can forget some of the writing skills they learned just weeks before in school if they don’t practice  during the summer…

But how to get them to do it?

Celebrity Letters .com can help by not only sharpening your child’s old writing skills, but by providing them with new ones, in a fun and exciting way. These communication skills will also help to improve their literacy and give them a solid groundwork as they move on to higher education, which is at the core of our mission.

Wouldn’t your kids love to get a letter or phone call from their favorite stars? With our “Summer with the Stars” celebrity letter writing  kit, kids can make that happen easily! We will help them write the letters that  will get great results and have lots of fun in the process. (Of course kids are  more excited about writing letters to One Direction, Tim Tebow, Will Smith and Miranda Cosgrove than they are to Aunt Martha, but it’s a start.)

It’s the perfect summer activity for kids ages 6 to 18 to share with each other, and to create awesome memories with parents and grandparents.

Just one letter a week can produce great results!

For only $12, you’ll get the Celebrity Letters “Summer with  the Stars” kit, which includes:

– The “Guide to Writing to Celebrities” ebook and bonuses

– Kids celebrity address book – with direct contacts for hundreds of their favorite stars

– Unlimited celebrity mailing addresses (let us know who you’d like to  write to, and we’ll get their address for you. As many as you want, all summer  long!)

– Official “Summer With The Stars” membership certificate

– A weekly Celebrity Letters chart to keep track of the fan mail they’ve sent

– Unlimited letter writing help (via email).  We will custom fit letter templates for any age or writing skill level.

– FREE personalized letter head creation

– Weekly Celebrity Letters email newsletter just for kids

– and several other extras

Plus, if you send us a copy of your completed chart in September showing that you mailed at least 12 letters (that’s just one a week for the whole summer) we’ll send you a special gift.

Write over 50 letters and we’ll send you an official celebrity autographed item! (selection of item determined by

 Act now, registration closes soon!

Once you purchase your Summer With the Stars kit, you will immediately be sent a link to download the Celebrity Letters ebook and bonuses. This will be followed shortly with an email giving instructions on how to redeem your other items, celebrity addresses and to schedule letter writing consultations.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Enjoy your summer!

– Chris Lucas

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